Common Threads

Top: Mansur Nurullah, Ida B. Wells, 2018
Center: Angie Wilson, Freak Flag #2, 2012 (detail); Hand Knotted #2, #3, #4, 2011
Bottom: Carole Frances Lung, The Industrial Knitting Machine, 2015 (details)

Exhibition by
The Mending Collective

November 3 – December 14, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, November 2, 6-8pm

On the Mend, mending workshop facilitated by The Mending Collective: Saturday, November 10, 1-4pm

Film Screening of The True Cost: Thursday, November 15, 7-9:30pm

Community Workshop: Saturday, December 1, 1-4pm








Peripheral Visions is an artist- or curator-in-residence program at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, a contemporary art gallery in Oakland’s primary art and maker district. Its mission is to provide an Oakland-based platform for artists and curators of wide-ranging backgrounds and outlooks to present projects that: 1) create bridges–encourage connection and communication among diverse groups, or 2) expand the view–broaden perspectives on art and the human experience. Peripheral Visions aims to present meaningful and compelling creative works incorporating visual art that utilize the gallery’s physical space and engage its community.


In this time of political, economic, and cultural polarization on a national and regional scale, art can prompt genuine communication, empathy, and insight required for a harmonious future. Art can enable collaboration and a sense of shared experience between people despite our perceived differences. It may offer new means of problem solving that bypass traditional approaches. While art may be an important key to the health of our society, the Bay Area’s current real estate climate poses significant challenges to the sustainability of art venues. Peripheral Visions provides a place in Oakland for creative voices to be heard at this critical time.