Macyn Bolt

I think of the surfaces of my paintings as stages where a theater of geometric forms and painterly spaces reverberate. With the hard-edged geometric elements appearing to float within an atmospheric environment, the contrast of each type of depth is part of its character. The distorted shapes I employ often speak with a sculptural voice while simultaneously affirming the two- dimensional plane on which they exist. Illusion is present, but always challenged by its opposite.

Within the definition of the geometric forms also lie further contrasts. At times the planes are opaque and flat. Other times they appear transparent or give bas-relief evidence of linear armatures beneath their surface. These components often collide with each other and almost always push against or appear to move beyond the painting’s perimeters. On the one hand the work can be understood as a glimpse - a partial view of a larger world – and on the other its composition is inextricably linked to its existential nature. It is an object engaging the planes as an equal partner while also acknowledging the illusion of a space beyond its influence. In essence my work is an attempt to navigate these forces – to formulate in colorful terms a visual riddle that reverberates with tension, contradictions, resolution and mystery. I also just want them to be fun!


Macyn Bolt Resume