CROSS-SECTION: Collector Editions by Gallery Artists

DECEMBER 2 2011- JANUARY 21 2012

Chandra Cerrito Contemporary is pleased to announce the first exhibition of our Collector Editions series. Collector Editions are small-scale editioned or unique serial artworks by participating gallery artists. 

The exhibition debuts works by Young Kim, Penny Olson, Robert Tomlinson and Allison Watkins and highlights more recent contributions by Amy M. Ho and Thérèse Lahaie. 

Kim, featured in our Photo- Synthesis exhibition, offers pairs of her Calligraphy photographs of sticks randomly fallen on a white backgrounds in gestures reminiscent of Chinese characters. 

Olson is known for merging nature and technology to create abstract color field photographs. For Collector Editions, she explores a new size and material to present eight unique prints mounted on aluminum. 

Now living in Portland, OR, Tomlinson was a long time Bay Area resident and founder of Mercury 20 gallery. Over several decades, he has mastered intuitive, richly layered mixed media drawings, two of which he has reproduced as limited edition prints specifically for Collector Editions. 

Allison Watkins work mines the domestic with use of fabric, thread and embroidery.

Ho’s memorable installation featured in Lightspace is captured in her limited edition print of the constructed architectural space on which her room-size projection was based. 

Lahaie, a well-known East Bay artist who works with light, glass and movement in her kinetic sculptures, contributes her first LED-illuminated “seedy glass” photograms resembling water droplets or air bubbles. 

Also in the exhibition are Collector Edition works by Mari Andrews, Brian Caraway, Sheila Ghidini, Taryn McCabe, Keira Kotler, David Allan Peters, Sabine Reckewell, Dianne Romaine, Jenn Shifflet, Kana Tanaka, Esther Traugot, Tyson Washburn and Stephen Whisler.