Brian Caraway

Attracted to rhythms in pattern and design, I play with the subtleties of perception by testing the limitations of vision with color and composition. I have an affinity for perfection.The marks I make, however mechanical they appear, show a slight wabi-sabi in their arrangement..The magic of any given piece is when it comes closest to my interpretation of "perfect." Successful pieces are a harmonious manifestation of my color sensibility — being a product of the 80s — and a dialog that I am dreaming up between my vision and the visual pioneers of the 50s and 60s, primarily those of Minimalism and Op Art.

This work comes from, and hopefully alludes to, a certain state of mind. It is kind of like staring through a chain link fence and losing your sense of depth in your field of vision. With the use of color and line, I aim to create a dance between the eye and the brain.

Brian Caraway Resume