The large-scale spatial installations I build envelop the audience to create a physical and psychological experience.  My work abstracts and exaggerates spatial elements to focus the viewer’s experience of their own physicality.  The works may take up an entire room, create a space that can only be entered partially, or create an imaginary space one cannot enter.  The installations also often include video and sound as meditative allusions to dimension or perspective.  In the work Wall Space III, a projected still image of an imaginary space creates the feeling that the room continues into the space of the image and redefines the parameters of the actual room.  

Space represents the most immediate medium through which our bodies experience the world, yet we often overlook our sensitivity to space and motion.  By creating hyper-artificial environments, I aim to bring attention to our existence in the here and now.  Often, the viewer will feel a physical response to the work that is at odds with his or her mental response, thus pointing to the dual nature of our existence.  We live as both material and psychological beings.  Our mental relationships to the environment are not separate from our bodily relationships, yet our minds and bodies navigate the world in entirely different ways.  Our psychological states are dependent on our physical capacities, but our psychology is what allows for experience.

Amy M. Ho Resume